Truly Devious


“There is nothing so serious as a game.”


Stevie Bell, a true crime enthusiast, is starting her first year at the Ellingham Academy – a place for the brightest studends. “A place where learning is a game”. But for Stevie this is something so much more than an opportunity to study in a famous school. She came here to solve a mystery – the kidnapping of Albert Ellingham’s daughter and wife. It’s been many, many years since this crime has been commited, but Stevie is convinced she will be able to solve this cold case. After all, she came here for a reason.

The writing style is very light and natural, easy to read. It works really well with this book.

This novel is filled with quirky, interesting characters, but my favourite was Stevie. Which is really fortunate, since the books is narrated by her. I immidiately felt a fondness for her, and that’s really the only reason why I finished this book. She looks at the world in a really unique way and overall she is a fascinating character.

The premise of this book is amazing. But the execution was really mediocre. Half of this book isn’t even about solving the crime, but about Stevie experiencing college. There is no sense of urgency, no tension. Nothing really interesting happened until the end of the book.

It’s definitely a fun book, because Stevie is an amazing narrator. But still, it took me a full month to finish it And there is a reason for that. I am not a fan of conteporary books. And that’s basically what this book was. It didn’t feel like the mystery was the most important part. I have to say, I am a little disappointed.



You can find this book on Goodreads and Book Depository

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