“We do what we do because there’s something we can do about it. Things like ‘how long’ and ‘what if’ aren’t part of that. It’s about the hope, not the horror.”


Will Scarlet is Robin Hood’s best thief. The skills she possesses are invaluable. Yes, she. Because Scarlet is actually a girl, posing as a scrawny boy. It’s a secret that is not known to people outside of Hood’s band.

But the reasons for her concealing her identity are in danger of being exposed. Lord Gisbourne, has arrived in Nottingham to rid its people of Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. But the ruthless thief-taker and Scarlet share a history. And it’s not a pleasant one.

The language used in this book matched the story and the setting well. But… I didn’t like it. Something about it felt a little off. Almost like it was forced. It also was a little inconsistent. The characters swapped between using language filled with grammatical errors to talking completely normally for no apparent reason.

I was also annoyed by the fact that Scarlet is the only one who seems to be using such crass language all the time. And it makes even less sense once we learn about her background.

Scarlet is a completely insufferable brat. She rushes into things without thinking, she loses her temper extremely quickly and makes ridiculous decisions. Her behavior is also very inconsistent with what the author is trying to tell us about her. On one hand she is portrayed as a fierce warrior and a fearless thief, but on the other hand she actually spend like half of this book blushing and flushing. She can’t decide between being a warrior and being a love-sick girl who can’t choose between two boys. Also, her possessing the kind of fighting skills she has makes absolutely no sense. It’s never explained where she learned to steal or fight like she does. And when you find out where she comes from it starts to feel even more ridiculous.

Robin in this book matches Scarlet perfectly. He is just as childish as she is. A match made in heaven.

This book made a complete mockery out of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.

Just so you know, this book is like 30% plot and 70% Scarlet blushing.

But really, there really isn’t a lot of plot going on. This book is just pointless, meaningless action and Scarlet’s love dilemmas.

It’s just a pretty bad novel. Characters are poorly introduced, descriptions are almost non-existent, the scenery is sloppy and the plot twists are predictable.


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  1. Aww man! I love a good Robin Hood twist, but I guess this one went wrong. I recommend you read “Will in Scarlet” instead, for a good Robin Hood twist. I forget the author, but it showed both Will Scarlet and Robin answering the call to save Nottingham!

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  2. Good review, ill give it a miss as one thing that really annoys me is when a book tells me one thing about a character, while showing me something entirely different. I find it poor writing.

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