Written in Red – Anne Bishop

Whether you’re beaten or pampered, fed the best foods or starved, kept in filth or kept clean, a cage is still a cage.


Meg managed to escape from people who kept her enslaved because of her special abilities. She found shelter in Lakeside Courtyard – a business district run by Others. Soon, she will discover that the bonds she formed with the Lakeside residents might put her new friends in grave danger.

I am not the biggest fan of this writing style. It feels a little bit too infantile for my taste. It suits Meg’s POV pretty well, because being pretty childish would be natural for someone who was brought up the way she was. But it didn’t work at all with the other POVs.

Sam was my favourite, which is unusual for me – I am not a big fan of child characters in general. But he was a joy to observe and follow.

Meg is very, very childish. Which, as I mentioned, is understandable (but that doesn’t make in any less aggravating). She’s a full-grown woman, but it was extremely easy for me to forget that she isn’t actually 13 years old. And in turn that made the romance feel very uncomfortable.

Simon is a bully with anger issues and that’s the tea. He was insanely annoying and I just couldn’t bring myself to like him. Even though I tried. I tried a lot.

I really enjoyed the relationships in this book. Both the friendship and the ones that have potential to become more than that. I think that they are very, very realistic. They took a long time to form, but that just made them much more wholesome.

This is the biggest problem I had with this book. That’s because absolutely nothing happens in it until like 70-75% in. NOTHING. It’s just Meg, walking around the Courtyard, talking to people. And that book is over 400 pages long.

It’s a pretty decent paranormal novel. It’s a nice throwback to the times when books like this one were actually popular. I am just disappointed by the lack of action. With the amount of things that happened, it could have easily been half the length it actually is.


Content warnings: self-injurious behaviour


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  1. A short but straight to the point review! I have problems with perspectives coming from young children so I’m not going to pick this up. Plus a book cannot just have any action. I’ll be so bored!

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