Fracture Me (Shatter Me #2.5) – Tahereh Mafi

All I can think is how horrible and beautiful it is, that our eyes blur the truth when we can’t bear to see it.

The battle with The Reestablishment is approaching. But that’s not the only thing on Adam’s mind. Still reeling from the recent breakup, he’s not feeling like himself. And having a severly injured friend in an infirmary and a brother who’s wholly depended on him is definitely not making things any easier.

Tahereh. Mafi’s. Writing. Style. Is. Pure. Gold. The end.

Maybe it doesn’t always complement the story very well, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s absolutely beautiful.

I was never a big fan of Adam, but this story actually made me like him a little. It definitely can’t be easy for someone so young to go through so much (though we all know that no one in this series had it easy). I feel like I finally understand him. And I really needed that, because that boy knows how to get on my nerves.

I wouldn’t expect anything different from a short story, but it’s very fast paced. Most of the action has already happened in Unravel Me, but this time we see it from Adam’s POV. It doesn’t make it any less interesting though.

Is it necessary to read this? Definitely not. But it’s a really good opportunity to look into into Adam’s mind and get some insight on why this boy is such a mess.


You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon


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