This Time – Azaaa Davis


Every warrior […] needs true motivation. During the difficult times ahead, a sense of duty will only take you so far.


Waking up buried inside a coffin wasn’t the way Nadira imagined her morning. It’s definitely not the most glorious way to wake up for anyone, especially for a legendary demon hunter. She can only imagine how disappointed the rest of Children of Orion will be to find out that she let herself be kidnapped. Now, she has to find a way to escape and figure out what the hell happened to her.

The writing in this book is very light and simple. BUT. I have been incredibly bothered by the constant repetitions. I found at least one on almost every single page (and I read this on kindle, where pages are significantly smaller). At times I didn’t even know what I was reading and had to go back, because I couldn’t focus on anything else. I just feel like this book could benefit from a round or two of proofreading.

The characters in this novel are pretty simple as well. But in a book this short there just isn’t enough time to really flesh them out. Still, they are very likeable, lively and fun, even though sometimes it’s hard to understand their motives or way of thinking.

This is a very fast-paced book. And it’s a very fun book. That’s all I really need. But I feel like the story could benefit from a little bit more world-building. The magic system is not explained very well and it feels like it’s used only when it fits the narrative.

That said, this book is packed with action and it had a few twists I didn’t see coming. And the ending was really cool! It made me very interested in the next installment in this series.

It’s a pretty decent book. It has some flaws, but I still enjoyed it. It’s a perfect read when you are in the mood for something fun and fast-paced.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



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  1. Thank you for reviewing my book! I’ll definitely find a way to use your constructive feedback to improve This Time and future books in the series. I’m glad you enjoyed Nadira’s action-packed story, Lauregalie. πŸ™‚

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