Planning Penelope – Erin Lockwood

[…] someone’s best quality is also their worst. It’s the most extreme parts of us that are extraordinary but can also be very unreliable


Alex learned to control Penelope. To control the way she likes her coffee and where she goes to buy it, who is her roommate, who is her boyfriend… everything. He had planned her. And she doesn’t even know he exists.

I liked the writing style. It’s not the most sophisticated thing I have ever seen, but it surely is pleasant to read. The narration feels very natural and believable. I am not the biggest fan of books written in first person, but I can’t imagine this book written in any other way. It fits the story wonderfully.

Alexander is clearly a very disturbed person, but it’s also hard not to admire his intelligence and persistence. While following his story, I fell into a trap. The exact same trap I fell into while I was reading “You” by Caroline Kepnes. And it’s feeling this sort of fondness, a symphaty… for a stalker. It’s a very weird feeling. But that’s an amazing proof of author’s talent. It’s not that easy to make me feel some sort of connection to someone like Alex.

Being inside the head of someone who is so completely cut off from the real world is very disturbing. But it’s also incredibly fascinating. This book doesn’t have the most exciting plot, but it completely drew me in. I was in constant state of worry of what Alex might do next. And I loved it.

I had a lot of fun reading this book, but I felt really unsatisfied with the ending. I didn’t like the way things were resolved and I was kind of weirded out but the behaviour of one of the minor characters.

If you are suffering from a book hangover after finishing “You” and you are looking for another creepy stalker story – look no further. It’s a perfectly disturbing novel.


Content warning: stalking


You can find this book on Goodreads and Book Depository 

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