The Stone’s Heart (The Queen’s Wing #2) – Jessica Thorne

When you bury things, when they finally get out, they are stronger than ever.

Anthaeus is still healing from the Gravian invasion. But with the help of the Rondet and the Anthaem with his beloved Bel at his side, the renovations are going well. Still, there is so much work to do. But Bel isn’t scared of work. She’s not scared of anything. Especially when she has her trusted friend, Petra Kel, by her side.

But it turns out their problems are not over yet. It becomes painfully obvious when an unannounced delegation appears at their doorstep.

The writing style is just as good as it was in the first novel. It’s very simplistic, but not dull. The author has a way of explaining complicated fight scenes in a way that is incredibly easy to understand.

I will admit I was a little bit worried about this book having two POVs, but now I know that I had no reason to be. Sometimes when authors write from multiple perspectives, the voices of their characters tend to sound pretty similar. But that wasn’t the case here. Both Petra and Bel have a very distinctive voice.

I loved Bel in The Queen’s Wing. Truly. And I was really excited to continue reading about her. But soon after starting the book I found myself longing for Petra’s chapters, every time Bel’s POV came along. And I feel horrible because of that. But that’s the truth.

I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to Petra in the first novel, so I was pretty worried about not connecting with her character and therefore about not enjoying the book. But the first 5 pages proved me wrong. I felt immediate chemistry. It was love from the first sight.

Speaking of love. The love triangle in this book was everything I ever wanted from life. Yes, I know how people feel about them. I am not a big fan either. But when they are done right, they can be a delightful addition to the story. And this time it was definitely done right (even though she didn’t end up with the guy I was rooting for. But oh well, you can’t have everything). The romance was a wonderful balance between angsty and sweet, and it was completely addicting and intoxicating. I loved every second of it.

And I couldn’t be happier about the fact that the Rondet were such a big part of this book. They are what makes this story truly unique. Watching them interact with people brought me immense amount of joy. And their love for Con and Bel is truly heartwarming.

This book starts out pretty slowly, with a few punches thrown here and there. But once it starts it doesn’t stop until the very end. I actually needed to take a break a couple of times, because I got so hyped up from all of the action, I started to hyperventilate. This book doesn’t give you a breather.

I have to say that one of the storylines was actually awful for me. Even though some part of me was convinced that none of my favorites were going to get permanently hurt, I still couldn’t help but feel nervous. The author managed to make me care for the characters so much, that seeing them in pain brought me discomfort as well. And they were in pain a lot.

Also, I loved the ending. It wrapped everything up really nicely, while still leaving enough things unanswered to left me with the sense of wanting more and more from this world.

I had a lot of fun reading The Queen’s Wing. But this book is so much better. It has everything that I love: amazing characters, fast-paced and surprising storyline and addictive romance. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I loved every page.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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The Queen’s Wing review

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