Vivatera – Candace J. Thomas

How delightful. A mystery. That puts every possibility before you.

Naomi never knew her parents. She doesn’t know where her scar came from or why does she have dreams that sometimes come true. But one day she crosses paths with a stranger that seems to carry all of the answers. He’s just not willing to share them.

The writing style is very simple and easy to read, though during more action-packed scenes it gets a little chaotic. It sometimes can make a scene feel a bit jumbled, almost like there is a sentence or two missing here and there.

I really liked the way dream sequences were written. I am usually not a fan of them, because most of the books tend to portray dreams as comprehensive, almost movie-like moments. But in Vivatera the dream feels like an actual dream – a set of images, sounds and feelings that sometimes just simply seems like it makes absolutely no sense.

Naomi is one of those characters that I hate seeing most in literature – she’s absolutely flawless. She doesn’t have any bad characteristics other than the fact that she’s incredibly gullible (but even then it’s showed as a “cute” thing). She’s absolutely beautiful, strong, intelligent, a little quirky and of course, most importantly, she’s The Chosen One™.

Zander – Naomi’s friend – is a pretty fun character. He’s adorable and insanely loyal, but just like her, he’s waaay too perfect to feel like a real person.

And Reynolds is incredibly frustrating. His only characteristic is that he cares about Naomi and he’s Very Strong. He’s a love interest, nothing more. A prop.

The romance is absolutely ridiculous. The characters spend like 3 days together and they were willing to die for each other. I am not totally against the insta-love trope, I think it can be done right. But you need to make your characters at least talk to each other first.

The interactions between the characters rarely feel believable. Their attempts at communication seem insanely unnatural, because every character is constantly keeping some kind of secret that they are not willing to share at the moment and they dance around the topic or they release information in bits and pieces, which is a really cheap way of trying to create an interesting mystery.

This book has a pretty even pacing and it never managed to bore me. That said, it was very predictable. And all of the good plot twists were ruined by really crappy attempts at foreshadowing. It made everything waaaaay too obvious.

The story itself is pretty interesting, but the way it started doesn’t feel very well thought-out. For example, I don’t think anyone would throw an 12-year-old boy into the deepest dungeon to be tortured and have his father killed, simply for throwing a couple of walnuts at a guard.

I think that the ending was the best part of the book. It was filled with action and it actually made me feel invested in the story.

It’s a pretty decent book with a classical fantasy vibe. It’s a fun, quick read, but definitely not a memorable one.



I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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    1. The story itself wasn’t all that bad, but characters and their interactions were created poorly. If characters are very important to you in a book I would skip that one. But if you care more about action, a bit of entertainment, then you can give it a shot 😊

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