Never Far – A. A. Dark

Love was poisonous when paired with pain. It turned toxic. Into mad love. Obsessive love.


After a friend landed an axe in his head, Boston wakes up in a hospital with no memories. No memories except for her.

The writing is very simple. It would have been pretty easy to read, if this book wasn’t so messed up.

The characters don’t feel like people at all. They don’t act like people, they don’t feel like people. And I am not talking only about Boston. Every single characters feels flat, which makes the book lose its shock value. A disturbing novel stops being quite so disturbing, when you don’t care at all about anyone or anything.

I understand that it’s a pretty short book, but it would have benefited a lot from characters that are better fleshed-out.

The plot feels incredibly rushed. You wouldn’t believe how many things have happened during those 150 pages. It’s actually insane.

This book took a couple of turns I didn’t see coming. I was surprised by Boston a couple of times, because he always went a couple of steps further than I expected him to.

After finishing “You” I went for a hunt for books with obsessive and disturbed love interests. I wanted to find something similar, but this definitely wasn’t it. Yes, Boston is insane. But there is no logic to his actions, not even a twisted and warped one. The author just makes the characters do things for the shock value, but instead of dark and disturbing, it makes the story feel cheap.


Content warning: rape, questionable consent, torture, excessive violence, blood, murder



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  1. Hmmn, disturbing love is frightening as I have seen a few friends experience it. Not to the point of rape though but assault. I dont think I’ll be able to read a book about it. If I did and the narrative was lacking I’d be upset. As we know books often times give is insights. I enjoyed⚘ your 📚 review Laure.

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    1. It sure is. Books like this one are very hard to read. And it’s true they often give us insights. But I feel like Never Far wasn’t written for any other purpose that to be creepy. There are no teachable moments here.


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