T5W – Books You Thought You’d Hate But Ended Up Loving

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Samantha on Goodreads. This week’s topic is Books You Thought You’d Hate But Ended Up Loving. That means I am supposed to list 5 books I didn’t enjoy in the beginning, but ended up loving. However, I am a bad person and I sometimes read books I know am not going to like, just to have something to complain or laugh about. So let me tell you about the 5 times when this completely backfired and I ended up enjoying the book instead.


The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski


I have been quite vocal about my opinion on books with a “romance” between a master and a slave. So when I found out that this book has a masterXslave relationship  I decided not to read it. Ever. BUT. One day I saw it for like 2$ and figured out that I might as well see how bad it is. And it turns out that it wasn’t bad at all. Sure, it’s not a perfect book, but I feel like the romance between two main characters was a very, VERY tricky thing to pull off and the author did it very well. In addition it’s a very good political fantasy.


Traitor Born – Amy A. Bartol


I had a copy of Secondborn on my kindle for a while, so when I saw that I could request a Traitor Born ARC I decided that it would make me finally read the 1st book in the series. And boy, did I hate it. The premise of the novel was pretty interesting, but everything else was poorly done. The characters were underdeveloped, the worldbuilding was almost nonexistent and the writing was bad. So you can imagine that I wasn’t thrilled to start Traitor Born. But I did. And I am glad I did. While it definitely didn’t end up on my favourites list it was leagues above the first book. The writing, unfortunately didn’t improve, but the rest was much better. The characters finally gained some depth and plot kept me interested. I am actually very excited for the 3rd book to come out.


The Sun is Also a Star – Nicola Yoon


I don’t really hate the “insta-love” trope. Some of my favourite books have it and I wouldn’t change that for the world. However I think that it’s very hard to execute this trope well. And after reading Everything Everything by this author, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to pull this off. But she did! It was such an adorable, sweet and heartwarming story. I had amazing time reading it and I am very glad I decided to pick it up.


Angelfall – Susan Ee


My father bought this book for me. I would have never even looked at it, because the edition that I own has a very, very cheesy blurb that still makes me roll my eyes. I wasn’t very excited by this purchase, but I decided to give it a try. I read it in one sitting. And then I ordered the next two books. It’s just so good! It’s an incredibly underappreciated trilogy. It’s very, very dark. And it’s so damn addicting!


The Exiled Queen – Cinda Williams Chima


This is the 2nd book in the Seven Realms series. I was really excited to start it, because Regan, on of my favourite booktubers, hyped this series a lot, and I have always felt like we had a very similar taste in books. But after finishing the first book – The Demon King – I was really underwhelmed. It was one big info dump. This book had basically no plot at all, just worldbuilding. It was incredibly boring, so I was really hesitant to start the sequel. But this one was so much better! It actually ended up being my favourite in the entire series. I think I just have a weak spot for novels that take place in a magic school. The characters grew and gained a lot of dimension, and the storyline was really interesting. Even the slower parts.


Do you know any of these books? Have you ever started a book thinking you were not going to like it, but ended up enjoying it instead? What book was it? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “T5W – Books You Thought You’d Hate But Ended Up Loving

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  1. I totally feel the same way about the Winner’s Curse. I was always wary of it because of the slave/master dynamic of the romance, but I ended up reading it last year and really enjoyed the series. The books definitely weren’t perfect, but I felt like they kept getting better, and I felt like the romance was definitely handled better than I expected.

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    1. Yeah, it’s a very hard thing to write a romance that has a master/slave element to it, without it starting to feel… wrong. And this author did a very, very good job. From what I remember there wasn’t a single time when I felt distrubed reading this trilogy. I actually had a great time reading it. And I am very happy that you enjoyed it as well 🙂

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  2. OMG I felt the exact same thing about The Winner’s Curse! I thought it was going to be a terrible cliche of a book, but I read it and LOVED it. It was such a good political fantasy and I could overlook the issues I did have with it. I’m glad that I’m not alone!

    Sometimes I think going in with low expectations really helps, and makes reading much more enjoyable 🙂


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