Tangled – Emma Chase

Fine’s a funny word, don’t you think? I don’t think there’s another like it in the English language that says so much while actually saying so little.


Drew Evans is young, handsome and successful. He has a wonderful family, devoted friends and his pick of the most beautiful women in New York. So why has he been holed up in his apartment for seven days now, miserable and lonely?

The writing is very light and humorous.The author tries to be very funny and sometimes it even works. But only sometimes.

It was very interesting to read a book like this one from a male POV. Even though I am not the biggest fan of Drew, I found his perspective to be very refreshing.

This book is very easy to read, but I was bothered by small errors like the main character being able to see the girl’s eyes and back at the same time. It made me imagine the woman having a full-blown demonic possession, with 360° head rotation, in the middle of the club. It’s a fascinating visual, though I am not sure if that’s what the author was going for.

I am actually in awe. I don’t think I have ever encountered a less likeable character than Drew. And the author tries to make you like him. Very hard. But he’s such a stereotypical douchebag playboy that it’s absolutely impossible. And if men actually think the way he does, then god save us all.

He’s the type of person who thinks that men can’t be friends with women and isn’t going to respect a girl until he falls in love with her. And that’s not a good look.

That said, I really liked the chemistry between Drew and Kate. Their banter was very entertaining and I enjoyed their scenes together.

I liked the part of the story that talks about being in a relationship out of habit more than out of love, and how hard it is to end it. I think it’s a topic that’s rarely talked about, but it’s very important and relevant.

Actually, when it comes to the story, I have only one complain. I didn’t like this whole sequence where Drew is trying to win his love interest’s heart again. And he does that by hounding Kate in her workspace. He’s very invasive and to me it looked more like a harassment than a romantic gesture. And he didn’t stop even though she asked him to, numerous times. I can’t imagine any woman seeing that as something good. It actually gave me the creeps.

I reached for this book, because I saw that it won Goodreads Choice Awards in 2013 and I was on a search for a good contemporary romance/erotica. But sadly, this ain’t it.

The romance part of this book is pretty decent, but everything else just made me feel a little… icky.




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      1. Tbh I don’t remember much about her tangled series, or the characters other than not caring enough to finish it.
        In the Royally series, each book follows a different guy – like first guy is the heir, second guy is his brother, third guy is a friend. The second guy is definitely my fave.

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  1. I enjoy the “telling-it-like-it-is” nature of your reviews. look forward to reading more. As to the “I was bothered by small errors like the main character being able to see the girl’s eyes and back at the same time.”, I think that’s why the French invented mirrors. Maybe they didn’t, I just like to blame the French for stuff.

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    1. Haha, thank you. And yeah, maybe. That would make sense. I would like the author to tell me that there was a mirror, though. But I guess it doesn’t matter now. I like my demonic posession version better anyway. I guess it’s just more fun 😁

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