LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike #1) – Jay Kristoff


There is still so much work to do. The factoryfarms that feed Megopolis are peopled with automata and logika, not humans. The soldiers who fight your wars, the gladiators who bleed and die in your WarDomes, they are iron and steel, not flesh and bone. Look outside that door and you will see a world build on metal backs. Held together by metal hands. And one day, those hands will close. And they will become fists.

It’s just another day on the Scrap: lose the last of your credits at the WarDome, dodge the gangs and religious fanatics, discover you can destroy electronics with your mind, stumble upon the deadliest robot ever built…

The writing is very informal, simple and funny; it seems almost dirty. I am usually not a fan of that kind of style, but it matches the story and its setting very, very well. It’s a filthy world and it needs a grimy language.

I hate, hate, hate dogs in books. Even the cyborg ones. Not because I hate dogs, I am not a monster. I am just constantly so worried about them, that I can’t properly enjoy the book. The same thing happened here. Kaiser is the sweetest blitzhund in the universe and he was the only thing that really mattered to me in this entire book. So there’s that.

I felt weirdly distant from the rest of the characters, which is weird and it never happened to me with any of Kristoff’s other books. I didn’t really connect with the main character – Evie – nor with her love interest. I found all the side characters much more interesting or charming. Lemon – Evie’s best friend – is funny, charming and adorable. Cricket, their robot companion, is a sweetheart. And The Preacher is really, really cool. Though I wouldn’t want him for an enemy.

I enjoyed the plot of this book, but the beginning was tough for me to get into. It was way too predictable and it took SO LONG for the real action to start. I started really enjoying this book after they left The Kraken. And everything that happened after… WOW. In a blink of an eye, the story changed from a slow trickle of predictable action to a rollercoaster full of plot twists and turns. The ending was absolutely insane, but I expected nothing less from this author.

I also feel obliged to mention that Lifel1k3 has one of the coolest chase scenes and if you like Mad Max you are REALLY going to enjoy it.

This book also explores the topic of AI in a way that I saw many books attempt, but I feel like this one succeeded the most.

It’s a really fun book, but I struggled to get through it. It’s good, but it’s not the usual I-am-mindblown-after-finishing-Jay-Kristoff’s-book good. Still, I am really excited to see where this story is going to go next.

TW: ableist comments, child violence, child death, animal death



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The summary used in this review comes from Goodreads

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