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You liked my blog and you want me to review your book? Awesome! Though there is a couple of things I would like you to know first. Once you read this, make sure to contact me using the contact form.


Review requests: closed



My reviews are my honest opinions. Of course, that means that if I won’t like your book, my review is going to be negative. But please know that I always try to mention positive and negative aspects, and my reviews are never malicious.

If you need your book to be reviewed before a specific time, let me know in advance. Otherwise I cannot guarantee that the review will happen within a specific time frame.

I reserve the right to decline reviewing a book if for whatever reason I will find myself unable to finish it. I do not review books I didn’t read in their entirety.


Very important

I live in Poland, Europe. Please, remember this if you wish to send me physical copies of books. Books can be either in English or Polish, but since my blog is in English and my audience is international, an English version of the book has to be available.


I accept:








Contemporary (must have diverse rep)








Contemporary (must have diverse rep)


I don’t accept:

Religion & Spirituality





Of course, physical copies are prefered and they will have a higher priority, but I understand that my location might be a problem, so I also accept ebooks.

I only read series in order, so if the book you want to send me is not the first book in a series, please include also all of the preceding installments.


Your request should include information such as:



Release date

If you need the review to be posted within a specific time frame

Why do you think this book would interest me


Rating system

I use the same rating system as Goodreads:

★★★★★ – I loved everything about this book

★★★★ – I really enjoyed this book, but I had few minor issues with it

★★★ – I liked it, but it wasn’t anything special

★★ – I didn’t really like it, but it was okaaaay

★ – Absolutely nothing about this book was appealing to me

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