T5W – Rainy Day Reads

Hi friends! Before I start, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping this blog reach 1000 followers. I never thought that so many people would be interested in anything I have to say and seeing this number still feels unreal. I am grateful for every click, every like, comment, and... Continue Reading →

The Dead Shall Live (The Fury Triad #2) – Patricia Burroughs

For she was the cursed daughter, with the burden of Death upon her soul. And surging inside her like life itself Summary Persephone finally learned to embrace her Dark powers, but that lesson had a terrible price. But still, there is no time for her to rest. A mysterious prophecy sends her on a quest... Continue Reading →

This Crumbling Pageant

  "The air danced with magic, and could such magic truly be Shadows? Could anything so shimmering and bright be Dark? " Summary Persephone Fury possesses a dark, powerful and unpredictable kind of magic. It's her family's greatest secret. If anyone found out, she would be shunned by the Society, forever losing her chance for... Continue Reading →

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