The Queen of All that Lives (The Fallen World #3)

"Freedom or death."   Summary She woke up. After 104 years she's alive once again. And she wants revenge. Writing The writing style is just as simple and easy to read as always. Laura's books are the best cure for reading slumps. Characters I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually thought that... Continue Reading →

Morning Star (Red Rising #3)

Slavery is not peace. Freedom is peace. And until we have that , it is our duty to make war. Summary Tortured. Trapped in the darkness. Alone. Abandoned. Defeated. Darrow is nothing but a ghost of his former self. But he doesn't have the comfort of breaking. Not now, when the Rising needs its Reaper... Continue Reading →

The Selection

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”  Summary The Prince of Illea, Maxton Schreave, needs to find a proper wife. He has his pick of 35 beautiful girls from all around the country, who came to his palace to compete in the Selection. It's  their chance for a better life. America Singer is one... Continue Reading →

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