Vivatera – Candace J. Thomas

How delightful. A mystery. That puts every possibility before you. Summary Naomi never knew her parents. She doesn't know where her scar came from or why does she have dreams that sometimes come true. But one day she crosses paths with a stranger that seems to carry all of the answers. He's just not willing... Continue Reading →

Children of Blood and Bone

“You crushed us to build your monarchy on the backs of our blood and bone. Your mistake wasn't keeping us alive. it was thinking we'd never fight back”  Summary Eleven years ago Zelie saw her mother's lifeless body hanging from a tree. It was the night when the magic disappeared from Orisha. It was the... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Breaker

Sometimes when you want to find something you need to know when to stop looking."   Summary 12 year-old Elizabeth Harding has a difficult life. While still coming to terms with her father's unexpected death, she has to deal with nights filled with terrifying nightmares and days of being bullied at school. And portal to... Continue Reading →

This Crumbling Pageant

  "The air danced with magic, and could such magic truly be Shadows? Could anything so shimmering and bright be Dark? " Summary Persephone Fury possesses a dark, powerful and unpredictable kind of magic. It's her family's greatest secret. If anyone found out, she would be shunned by the Society, forever losing her chance for... Continue Reading →

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