Golden Son (Red Rising #2)


“Now I am their sword. And I do not forgive. I do not forget.”


2 years after graduating from the Institute and hearing nothing from the Sons of Ares, Darrow lets himself get caught in the Gold’s games. He is captaining the fleet against a member of House Bellona – the enemies of his sponsor. As always, he is confident in his victory. But his arrogance may prove the be the exact thing that will led to his downfall.

Unfortunately, I still have the exact same problem I had with the first book – descriptions. This time I really struggled to understand the fight scenes. Especially The Big And Very Important Fight™ left me feeling all kinds of confused. I mean, I am sure it was great. I just couldn’t imagine half of the things that were happening.

Oh, how I love Darrow. Not as a person. As a character. He is one of the best, most complex and well thought-out characters I have encountered in YA in a long, long time. He is a joy to observe and follow. And it this book his development is even more wonderful and heartwarming (or heartbreaking) than in the first one.

But kudos to the author for creating such wonderful side characters as well. So many of them surprised me. People who seemed to be greedy and shallow, turned out to be so much more. Friends who I thought unwavering in their loyalty, turned their backs on Darrow when they got a chance. This book made me question everyone’s motives. Even Darrow’s.

Sadly, the plot wasn’t that great. I mean, it had its moments. But getting to them was a hard and taxing job. I had to get through a whole lot of nothing, to enjoy those few really good scenes.

I am pretty disappointed. The first book was an amazing introduction to the world. And it ended in a way that made me think that the sequel will have a big chance to be a great book. Sadly, it was poorly executed. I still enjoyed some aspects of this novel, but overall I feel that it was pretty mediocre.



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  1. Same about the characters!! Darrow isn’t the greatest person, but he’s such a good character. And the side characters are all so great. I feel like this one was more about the characters than the plot, because I found it a little lacking too. Morning Star is awesome though, I hope you like it!

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  2. I actually really loved the second and third books in the trilogy because of the space opera elements, but I do think the second two work better together as one longer narrative whereas the first one can stand on its own.

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  3. While I did enjoy the ending of this book, I did feel like Golden Son’s plot is the least interesting in the trilogy.. or rather, it felt like it dragged a lot more? But I agree that Darrow is super interesting! I hope you enjoy Morning Star though 🙂

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