T5W: Nostalgic Ships

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Samantha on Goodreads. This week’s topic is “Nostalgic Ships”. For me that means the first couples I ever shipped. Some of these are not going to be from books, because your girl used to read like max 5 novels a year until  her senior year in high school.

Damon and Elena – Delena – The Vampire Diaries



Y’all. This is the Ultimate Ship™. I was a complete trash for these two for at least 4 years. I even had a massive poster of Ian Somerhalder in my room. And when I say massive I mean MASSIVE. 13-year-old me loved this guy.
I also want all of you to know that when I say “Delena” I mean the Delena from the tv show. I know that there is a book series. In fact, I have read it. And I really didn’t like it. From what I remember these books were pretty bad. Or they simply didn’t have  hot actors (who am I kidding, that’s probably why I didn’t like it). Back there it was basically all that I needed.
Still, I am pretty sure that Damon is the reason why I now fall in love with morally grey characters so easily.

Bella and Edward – do they even have a ship name? – Twilight


Okay, you can say whatever the hell you want about Twilight, but I used to love this series. Then I grew out of that and I started hating on it like everybody else. And I grew out of that, too. Now, I am ready to admit that this is a very problematic series, but at the same time it was groundbreaking, and YA fantasy genre wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for Twilight.
I was never a fan of the movies, I only saw the first one and half of the sequel. But I loved these books. They were the first books I have ever read that had a romance subplot  that was so important to the overall story. I didn’t even know that books could be like this! I was so invested in the relationship between Bella and Edward that I consumed this whole series in 4 days. And I had a great time doing that.
Now, I don’t ever want to reread this series. And it’s not because it’s bad. It’s just that I have such good memories of reading these books that I just simply don’t want to taint it by my brain screaming “omg this is problematic” every 3 seconds. No matter their faults Edward and Bella will always have a special place in my heart

Clary and Jace – Clace – The Mortal Instruments


So, this isn’t a very old ship. But it’s one that actually changed my life. And even though I am rereading this series right now and I am SO ANNOYED by these two, I just can’t help but feel thankful for this series. City of Bones was the book that rekindled my love for reading (and turned it into an obsession, really). It was also the first book I have ever read in English and it made me feel confident enough to read more and more, and eventually to start this blog. I am pretty sure none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for Jace and Clary. So guys, even though I can’t stand you right now – thank you. You rock.

Saya and Haji –  again, no ship name? – Blood+


Yeah, I had an anime phase. And I finished a pretty decent amount of these shows. But Blood+ stayed with me because of Haji and Saya. Actually, I didn’t care for Saya at all. But damn I had such a massive crush on Haji. I actually remember close to nothing from this anime, besides that one scene when he gets pinned to the tree by a spear and can’t get it out, so he just walks forward, dragging his whole body through the length of the spear. And I thought that scene was SO DOPE. I also remember that he was sad a lot. And brooding. And dark. So yeah, that’s also my type now. Thanks, 11-year-old Monika. You had a great taste.

Sookie and Eric – Sooric – True Blood


I am aware that this tv show is adaptation of a novel. But I haven’t read it. And I probably never will. So my love for these two is based only on my recollection of the show. And yeah, I am also aware that it’s the 3rd vampire on this list. What can I say. I guess I had a thing for them (still do, lol). I was obsessed with this show for a while, and I remember that I was so frustrated with Sookie for pining for Bill, whose personality was as bland as an unseasoned chicken. And Eric. Eric was The Shit. I didn’t really care for Sookie though. But oh well, I liked her for him.


What are some of your most nostalgic ships?

18 thoughts on “T5W: Nostalgic Ships

Add yours

      1. Bella and Edward for sure. I still binge watch the movies once or twice a year.
        Clary and Jace!! I was so devastated when they were told they were brother and sister
        Sookie and Eric, I haven’t read the books, but damn I couldn’t stand Bill and Eric is a babe.

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say that teenage me loved Damon also and had a huge poster in my wall. I started disliking both Elena and Damon in s3 so I stopped shipping them but I’m still huge Klaroline shipper. I kinda still like Twilight even if I don’t love the series. I was a huge Clace shipper as a teenager and I still cry over Sooric.

    Sookie and Eric belonged together, OK? I read most of the books but there’s so many that I didn’t finish them. Sookie and Eric were together longer but Sookie was as stupid as in the show. She also has a thing for saying no for gifts which annoyed the hell out of me.

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    1. Hahaha I see we shipped a lot of the same couples! I had a major thing for Klaroline as well, but then I switched to watching The Orginials and started obsessing over Haylijah 😄

      And yes, Sookie and Eric really belonged together!


      1. I’m still hardcore Klaroline shipper. I never shipped Haylijah. I never actually got over Kalijah. I never liked Hayley and the writers made all the originals OOC for the spin off.

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        1. Yeah, they definitely are very OCC in The Originals. I don’t really mind that, though. I could never get behind Kalijah, so I just became a sucker for Haylijah 😂
          I still love Klaroline, even though that ship is long dead. I never liked Klaus with Cami


          1. I don’t think Klaroline is long dead. They were just mentioned in Legacies. They are enemies of the state and married in the alternative universe. It’s like fanfiction coming to life.

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          2. That’s why The Originals ended the way it did. To give Hope her own show. I’m not watching it since I want it to get cancelled. I just saw & have been retweeting about the Klaroline article in the show.

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